Older homes built in the 1980’s through to the early 2000, never had a heavy focus on a functional laundry. Traditionally it was a very small place which is now not practical for a growing family or does not allow for adequate storage or light cleansing practices. A well thought out and a well designed laundry renovation will have plenty of storage and room for you to get your household work done. BBK can assist you with your laundry cupboards and space saving ideas to organise your laundry into that dream utilities room. A Well planned laundry design by BBK can save a lot of time and can facilitate a dual purpose room, which will allow bathroom facilities as well in your laundry.

BBK team has many years of experience and practical laundry cupboard storage solutions. Do you need your broom and ironing board stored in a practical manner? BBK can design you a tall cabinet to house those long household items away. They can also suggest that you have a permanent hanging rod to hang your freshly ironed clothes relieves the pressure of putting hangers on cupboard door handles. BBK can also solve your problem with storage of your Vacuum cleaner and create a storage cupboard to house the appliance in.

There are many different ways to design a laundry to accommodate all of those things that have to go ‘somewhere’ and to maximise the space available.


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